Manmade was born in a high school art class back in 1998, and over the years sponsored some pretty heavy hitters in the BMX scene.

Manmade clothing could be found in bike shops all across the country (thanks to FBM's Last Call Distribution) and through mail-orders like Dan's, Albes and Empire. Padded Cell Distribution in the UK brought us international, and we also sold to retailers in Germany, Sweden, and Japan.

From 2000-2004 we made two full length VHS team videos (Riders From Hell and Chapter 2), and a self titled DVD. The DVD consisted of a new team edit, the previous (2) VHS videos, a road-trip edit and some random bonus stuff.

We had a diverse group of really fun dudes on our roster until the eventual demise around 2007. I took a couple years off from the apparel world, and then started up my new gig (The 7 Line - Mets clothing and lifestyle brand officially licensed by MLB) in 2009. I owe all the success of The 7 Line to Manmade and BMX. Little did I know, it was the blueprint. I just took the rider owned mentality and brought it to baseball. 

After not touching our bikes for close to a decade, Brien Shoemaker and I brushed the dust off and bought some shovels. We started a new set of trails in my backyard in March of 2016. Shortly thereafter Keith Terra joined us, and the "Patio Trails" came to life. 

The old band is somewhat back together, and I'm super stoked to be riding again. Thanks to all the locals that have kept the scene alive all these years. Manmade was never dead, just hibernating. BMX never leaves you, and thankfully 20 years later, it still feels just as fun to be sitting on the roll in with the bros. 

-Darren Meenan 


Team riders in no particular order (hopefully not missing anyone):

Gary Thorpe

Brien Shoemaker

George Kastrinakis

Brian Defina 

Dave King

Ekim King

Shredder Dan Antoniou

Luke Kempster

Darryl Nau

John Decaprio

Keith Terra

Sean Buggy

Jason Sunday

Chase Hawk

Ian Munro

George Dossantos

Frank Macchio

Jimmy Trupia

Ryan Boen (RIP)

Russ Barone

Rich D'alsace

Josh Nendza


Mark Mulville

James Horan

Stephen Lilly

Jake Seeley

Garrett Reynolds



Video parts: RIDERS FROM HELL (VHS) 

Video parts: CHAPTER 2 (VHS)


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